Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tabs with Special effects.. Jazz it up

I came across this really cool extension with firefox which adds some special when we switch from one tab to the other within a firefox window.

Its more of an eye candy really than being a useful one.. But sometime an eye candy is what you need if you are sitting in front of the browser all day long.. (and even nights).... This would be great for people who love the rotating thumbnail view in Linux Fedora Core 6 (an old feature in this OS) and the hyped (actually a damp squib) Windows Vista....

Check this extension Tab Effect and enjoy the
effective browsing

Thursday, April 05, 2007

PR update happening in April 2007?

I have been noticing the dropping and updating of some website's page ranks in the last week. Also the number of backlinks have been showing a change on different data centers from the last week of March. These are signs of an update. My guess is that Page rank is being updated by google and its according to the anticipated date by a lot of people. April's the month for changes I guess..

So after the Jan update, the signs are of an April PR update.. which might stabilize over the next two weeks... Keep an Eye

For those wondering what a Google PR is, Read this

Monday, April 02, 2007

Matt Cutts cut to size.. Hacked or Fooled

Google's most "Vocal" engineer and contributer to the algorithms Matt Cutts' blog has been hacked by the Dark SEO team, the self professed "Jehadis" of Search Engines

Have a look

But hey is that an April Fool piece like google's tradition of april fool jokes?? (like TiSP and Google paper in 2007) .. I wonder's_hoaxes