Sunday, April 16, 2006

Digital Bible!!… Holy $@&%

Would you like to carry the Holy Bible in your pocket? I think some people already do….. :-)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across this remarkable USB Holy Bible.

The complete Bible is contained in a fixed memory test file format that you can easily access through your computer or laptop's USB port. Small enough to put on your key chain, the USB Holy Bible has a highly detailed leather look with gold lettering to make it an attractive and meaningful piece to carry with you.

It plugs into any Windows PC USB port (not Mac or Windows 98 compatible) and displays all 66 books of the Bible on your computer screen. There's even a search function, making this a unique gift or keepsake.

The digital bible costs $29.95 (£17.19) (wo ho… they say prayers are priceless)

I think a lot of eyebrows might be raised by the religious fanatics (but isnt’t that their job :-))

Who said Technology has no religion … huh

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